Many Dentists and Orthodontists find it extremely helpful to get a second opinion on orthodontic cases that they are considering for treatment. This service is easily available through the SFSW website.

An answer to any clinical questions will be returned providing high quality clinical records are uploaded to the site. Under most circumstances, a comprehensive Diagnosis and Treatment plan can be provided within 48 hours of the required material being received.

Educational Courses

Straight Forward Straight Wire was formed to provide CPD courses for General Dental Practitioners wishing to develop their orthodontic expertise. Details of each of these teaching modules and further information about our courses can be found by clicking the 'COURSES' button above.

If you have any questions about any aspect of the course, please do not hesitate to contact us using the form on the 'CONTACT' page above.

Private referrals

Both Jonathan Sandler and Alison Murray work primarily as Consultant Orthodontists at Chesterfield Royal Hospital and the Royal Derby Hospital respectively. In addition they both run private practices, the details of which can be obtained by clicking the 'PRIVATE PRACTICE' button above.


Jonathan and Alison have written many clinical and scientific papers. PDF copies of these papers are available through the Website and you can access these PDF files by clicking the 'ARTICLES' button in the centre of the Home Page.