Professor Jonathan Sandler

Consultant Orthodontist, Chesterfield Royal Hospital, UK since 1993

Contributor to 5 major multi-centre RCTs over the past 22 years, on Class 2 treatment and the use of dental implants to supplement anchorage.

MOrth Examiner for the Royal College of Surgeons for 11 years and European Board Examiner for 5 years. Author of over 130 scientific articles, and has delivered over 160 lectures nationally and internationally.Chairman of the 8th World Orthodontic Conference organising committee 2008-2015
President of the Angle Society of Europe 2016-2018
President of the British Orthodontic Society 2018-2021

Alison Murray

Consultant orthodontist at the Royal Derby Hospital since 1994. Alison is the lead clinician of a department with five Consultant Orthodontist colleagues and six maxillofacial surgeons. Alison also used to run a very successful private practice in Derby specialising in adult orthodontics.

She has been involved in many multi-centre RCTs into functional appliance treatment of dento-facial deformity, orthognathic surgery and the use of implants to supplement anchorage. Alison has examined for many years the Royal College of Surgeons for both MOrth and ISFE for many years. She is also the past Treasurer and Chairman of the British Orthodontic Society, as well as its first female President.