Straight Forward Straight Wire was set up to provide orthodontic training for General Dental Practitioners who wish to develop their Orthodontic expertise. Modular courses are provided over a two year period to develop diagnostic and treatment planning skills as well as providing practical skills. The aim is to allow high quality orthodontic results to be achieved in carefully selected cases using modern orthodontic appliances and techniques.

Instruction will be given in comprehensive examination of potential orthodontic patients and introduction to cephalometric methods of assessment. Digital photography will be an important part of the assessment process and comprehensive instruction into modern techniques will be given. There will be the opportunity to practice with 'State of the Art' digital camera equipment.

Typodont exercises are carried out at every module, throughout the course, and the participants get the opportunity to treat a crowded Class 1 malocclusion from start to finish, using all the techniques described during the extensive lecture programme. Homework cases are provided after each module whereby three fully documented cases are provided for each participant to work on in-between modules and to present their diagnoses and treatment plans to the group at the subsequent module.